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Quality system certificate
Mainly due to requirements of the automotive industry our company gained the ISO 9001 certification in 2002 already, and in 2008 the quality system was upgraded with ISO/TS 16949. In 2018 we passed the certification for IATF 16949. Our products are thoroughly controlled by the latest equipment in our own laboratory. We measure also:

- hardness according to methods HV, HRC and HB,
- measurements of the tensile strength Rm,
- ISO 9227 salt spray test,
- X-ray measurements of coating thickness on metal surface,
- microscopy up to 1000-times magnification.


The main characteristic of the company Kovikor is high quality of the products and business, with great attention to providing excellent business relationships with business partners and customers.   


Our quality policy is based on the principle Zero Mistake and the goal of 0-ppm. By using the Brankamp control system on our machines, we are able to reach this goal. All demanding products are being inspected before delivery by the Mectron and Dimac control instrument.  We can control length, diameter, hardness and surface protective coating.  This quality control guarantees that the products we offer are of the highest quality.